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EcwidPro for Rapidweaver

For Stacks v4.1 or above
Advance stacks for Ecwid e-commerce
No plugin required!
Highly customizable store
Powerful, Flexible, Complete & Easy to Use
EcwidPro is the next generation of the Axyn Ecwid Stacks. It was developed from the ground up with a leaner and cleaner code, for faster page loads, easy of use, modular design and edit mode previews.

EcwidPro does not tie you down to a single project, template or framework. It integrates any of your Rapidweaver projects directly with any Ecwid account, all for the price of a single project! Use the tools that you already have and love working with.

EcwidPro is packed with new features! It allows you to customize Ecwid to fit your website design in ways which are not available anywhere else! Your can control the fonts, buttons, colors, headings, text… the look and feel of most of the Ecwid elements, and also what's displayed and what's not!. That includes elements in the Category, Product and Product Details pages, Search, Shopping Cart, "Buy Now" Products and much more.

We have added some new and unique functionality built into EcwidPro:
  • New 34 stacks in all (vs 8 in previous version), 26 new stacks!
  • New Enter your store ID once in a page with the new Base Stack.
  • New Order Fields Stack. 'Form' fields can now be dynamically added to the checkout process.
  • New two (2) "pop-up" modal stacks (Product Modal & Modal) you can dynamically engage potential customers visiting your online store, and promote sales/products depending where they navigate in your online store.
  • New Icon Menu Stack lets you create graphical Ecwid navigation menus, that can replace the footer menu or the categories menu.
  • New modular Customizer, re-organized in order to pack even more options, while being leaner and easier to use.
  • New Search Plus Stack. You can now search within a single or a set of categories.
  • New Categories Menu Stack, take control of you Ecwid menu.
  • New Product Plus Stack, more ways to display and/or style your product
  • New Edit mode previews wherever possible.
  • New ability to hide Ecwid elements.
  • New code optimizations for faster page loads.
  • New Font Stack, now a child stack of the Customizer, with variable fonts support.
  • New sample projects, with landing pages and two additional pages one for each of the main RW frameworks (UIkit3, Foundry, Foundation6, Source, Platform and a standard RW template), for a total of six (6) of them.
  • And much more… checkout more highlights below.
The EcwidPro suite of stacks has been re-designed to be easier to use than its predecessor. The inspector panel of options have been either re-designed and/or better organized, so that the options are easier to understand.
Due to the many changes, the new version of the Customizer is not compatible with the Customizer v1.x, however, we include an updated legacy version of the Customizer Stack that is compatible with the new EcwidPro stacks. This allows previous v1 projects to work as they are**, until you are ready to replace the Customizer legacy stack, with the new and more powerful EcwidPro (version 2) Customizer.

EcwidPro fully supports the new features of Stacks v4.x (requires a separate purchase from

Selling online with Ecwid and the EcwidPro from Axyn, is now easier and more powerful than ever.

** just need to add the new Base Stack to the pages containing Ecwid Stacks.
You are in control of your store
With EcwidPro from Axyn Technology, you can easily control the majority of aspects of your Ecwid store to fit the look and feel of your RW website. Set different local fonts to different elements of your Ecwid store. Control the color and size of different elements. Control how the image tiles display, how the product details page looks like, what elements are displayed on the category pages or details page… and so much more!
EcwidPro brings the power of Ecwid into Rapidweaver,
It gives you everything you need to sell online:
  • Create and manage products easily.
  • Organize your products into categories.
  • Sell physical or digital products as well as subscriptions.
  • Accept payments from over 200 countries.
  • Manage stock availability and shipments worldwide.
  • Manage your sales through the Ecwid Dashboard or the Ecwid App in your mobile device.
  • From one Ecwid account you can sell on your Website, Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Google and TikTok
  • Grow your business with automated marketing campaigns.
  • Offer promotional pricing, discount coupons, volume discounts, and more to help generate more sales.
  • You can run multiple stores in a single website
  • Give you the tools to run a membership site, where certain categories of products are completely hidden from the general public.
Easy to use
Although the EcwidPro suite of stacks is very powerful and give you a lot of control over the look and feel of your Ecwid store, they are simple to use!

EcwidPro is easy to integrate into any existing project, without the need to buy a new one. Just drop the Base Stack into a page of your project and enter your Ecwid Store ID . Then drop the Store Stack onto the same page, and you are ready to sell your products. After that, you can customize your Store, with the Customizer Stack, and/or add more advanced features or functionality with the other EcwidPro stacks.
Use it with any Framework or RW Theme
EcwidPro doesn't tie you down to any single project, framework or theme. Choose the framework that fits the way you like to develop. EcwidPro is compatible with UIkit3, Foundation6, Foundry, Source and Platform. But if you don't use any of these frameworks, EcwidPro can be used with the standard RW themes, as long as you have Stacks 4.x installed in Rapidweaver.
System Requirements
Package Contents
The new EcwidPro (v2):
  • 13 Main Stacks
  • + 10 Customizer Child Stacks
  • + 8 Icon Menu Child Stacks
  • + 2 Legacy Stacks (hidden) for v1 projects compatibility
Six (6) beautiful new Sample projects for:
  • Standard RW Theme
  • UIkit3
  • Foundation 6
  • Foundry
  • Source
  • Platform
Get up to 100% rebate on your purchase of the Ecwid Stacks.
** offer valid only for new Ecwid Stores that are created under the my affiliate link and are upgraded to one of the paid yearly plans (see more details below).
Ecwid is an e-commerce platform that helps to easily create a bold, easy to use online store and start selling anywhere online or in-person. Ideal for small and medium sized businesses. Free plan forever. No setup charges and no transaction fees. Used by hundreds of thousands merchants in 175 countries.

Use our affiliate link create your store on Ecwid, and get up to 100% rebate towards the purchase of EcwidPro and free technical support for your Ecwid Website when using the EcwidPro Stacks for Axyn Technology

NOTE: must use link below to create a NEW Ecwid Store in order to qualify. Please use the browser in private mode to create your new store.

Rebate for EcwidPro from Axyn Technology issued once store is verified and upgraded to any yearly paid plan as follows:

  • Venture Plan get 25% back
  • Business Plan 50%
  • Unlimited Plan 100% back

Highlights of Some of the new EcwidPro Features

NEW Completely re-written to optimize speed and page size. Wherever possible, Ecwid scripts are now loaded once at the end of the page.
NEW Modular Customizer, with 10 child stacks, to style your Ecwid Store's fonts, buttons, checkout, elements and even some of the Ecwid add-on widgets. It's new modular design allows for easier addition of new features, but also to keep the code lean.
NEW Edit mode layout previews for most stacks, including: search and search plus, product and product plus, modal and product modal, and even the customizer child stacks.
NEW Icon Menu stack. Create Ecwid menus with images, custom icons and the default Ecwid icons. It can completely replace the footer menu or be used in addition to it.
IMPROVED Category Menu Stack can now be styled to match your website. Control the fonts, color, hover, position and more.
NEW Product+ Stack can display products in a 2-column mode, with image/product name on one side, and price/qty/buttons on the other. You can also style the container with border, corners and shadows.
IMPROVED Cart Stack can now style the color and fill of the Ecwid icons, but it now you can optionally add your own custom image for the cart icon. The images can be JPG, PNG or SVG formats.
NEW Two new Modal Stacks which can be trigged to popup under selected conditions. For example, when the user enters the shopping cart, or when entering a category page, or during a particular phase of the checkout process.
NEW The Search+ Stack has all the functionality of the regular Search Stack but it also allows for the search to be restricted to one or more categories. You may also have multiple instances of the stack on the same page.
NEW With the new Order Fields Stack additional information from can be requested from a customer in during the checkout process and show user responses in order details. This is helpful when a merchant needs to know some additional information like delivery date, delivery comments, company details and other. The responses will be shown in order details in Ecwid Control Panel.
NEW Ability to Hide different Ecwid elements. You can hide the root store, categories, buttons, search etc. This, for example, is essential in order to run a membership website or a site with products where certain products must be hidden from an age group.
NEW Plus much more…
EcwidPro includes 34 stacks in total (and growing…), with much added functionality and ease of use.
All stacks options have been re-organized to have a more consistent layout amongst each other, as well are more closely following Ecwid's workflow.
Many more styling options have been added, both to previous stacks as well as to new stacks.

EcwidPro Main Stacks

Stacks Image 12
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