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It all starts here!

Enter your store ID, point to the page where your Store Stack resides and Voilá!
NOTE: add only one Ecwid Base Stack per page where other Ecwid Stacks are present.
IMPORTANT NOTE: all other EcwidPro Stacks inherit the settings from the Base Stack. The inherited settings are indicated by a blue vertical band and with the light blue coloring.
You only have to enter the Store ID once per page.

The all new customizer

The new Customizer Stack, has been completely re-written/re-organized in order to pack even more options, yet being easier to use.**

The main settings are re-arranged into logical sections more closely following the Ecwid workflow. Many more styling options were added. But in order to not add more complexity to settings we moved some of the functionality to child stacks, making the customizer modular where possible. For example, the Fonts Stack are now child stack the Ecwid Customizer v2. Here is a list of the child stacks of the Customizer v2 Stack:

  • Font Stacks
  • Button Styling Stacks
  • HTML Elements Styling Stacks
  • Ecwid Classes Styling Stacks
  • Hide Ecwid Search Stacks
  • Promo Link Style (in-cart) Stack
  • Continue Shopping Link (in-cart) Stack
  • Single Product (Buy Now) Global Styling Stack
  • Random Product Widget Style Stack
  • Pinterest Save Widget Style Stack

**As result, the new Customizer is not compatible with the previous Customizer v1.x. But not to worry, we include an updated legacy version 1.x of the Customizer Stack that is compatible with the EcwidPro (v2) stacks. This allows your projects to work as they are, until you are ready to replace the Customizer legacy stack, with the new and more powerful Customizer (v2).

Customizer Settings

Stacks Image 1124
Stacks Image 1126
Stacks Image 1138
Stacks Image 1132
Stacks Image 1130
Stacks Image 1134
Stacks Image 1181
(now a child stack of the Customizer)

It has several new added features:
  • Web safe fonts
  • Local fonts (including variable fonts)
  • Font styling
  • Height spacing
  • Word spacing
  • Letter spacing
  • Additional Ecwid elements
  • New cleaner interface
Stacks Image 1170
Stacks Image 1172
Stacks Image 1183
With EcwidPro all stacks that need a store ID, inherit it from the Base stack.

Custom settings with a blue bar on the left (and the blueish tint) are shared by all EcwidPro stacks in the same page.

Use the Customizer (and it's child stacks) to control the look and feel of your Ecwid Store.

All Ecwid products will display within the space you allocate for the store stack. It will respect the constraints of the container, column or section in which you place it.
Stacks Image 1166
Stacks Image 1168
Stacks Image 1219
The Product Stack, displays a single product. A customizable version of the Ecwid "Buy Now" widget. Completely re-written in version 2, now supporting Edit Mode preview.

Use the Product Style Stack in the Customizer the control the look and feel of you Ecwid "Buy Now" single Product.
Stacks Image 1241
Stacks Image 1228
Stacks Image 1230
Stacks Image 1259
The Product Plus Stack, builds on the standard Product stack. It also displays a single product, but it has many additional options. A 2-column display layout, shadows, corner control, a customizable title, font controls, title positions and much much more.

You can use the Product Style Child Stack in the Customizer the control the look and feel of you Product Plus or you can use individual styling options for each stack. The example below shows a Product Plus Stack displaying a custom style, overriding the customizer style settings.
Stacks Image 1270
Stacks Image 1277
Stacks Image 1281
Stacks Image 1294
Stacks Image 2145
The Product Modal Stack, can display a product as the with the features of the Product Plus stack, however it can be configured to popup under particular conditions. Additionally, if the user selects to "BUY" the item, it can automatically add it to the shopping cart.

The popup can be trigged only to always appear, or to appear just once or until the item is in the cart.

Triggers pages include: Cart, Checkout (address, payment details or place order), product page, category page or favorites.

Stacks Image 2158
Stacks Image 2165
Stacks Image 2169
Stacks Image 2173
Stacks Image 2336


Use the Modal Stack to display messages, images, samples, discounts or anything that you want your customers to see. You can drop almost any other stack into the Modal Stack drop-zone, and the Modal Stack will popup when the event of your choice is trigged.

Triggers pages include: Cart, Checkout (address, payment details or place order), product page, category page or favorites.

In the example below, a markdown stack was dropped into the Ecwid Modal Stack drop zone.

Stacks Image 2349
Stacks Image 2382


Stacks Image 2373
Stacks Image 2364
Stacks Image 2356
Stacks Image 1247
Use the Shopping Cart stack to either display a floating shopping cart onto your page, or in a specific location within the content. You can choose the icon type, size and it's color styles. You can also display a custom image, such as a JPG, PNG or SVG file.
Stacks Image 1252
Stacks Image 648
Stacks Image 656
Stacks Image 2219


Use the Search+ Stack to look for products within your Ecwid Store. But unlike the regular Search Stack, you can have multiple instances of the Search Plus Stack per page. The Search stack, allows you to customize the look of the search field, as to match the look of your website. Additionally you can use your own placeholder text without relying on the Ecwid dashoard, and you can use your own custom icon within the search input field.

The Search Plus Stack does not rely on any JS script and you can restrict the search to one or more categories in your Ecwid Shop
Stacks Image 2236
Stacks Image 2251
Stacks Image 2254
Stacks Image 2298


Display the Ecwid Categories Menu anywhere on your website. Use only one Category Menu Stack per page. You can control the look and feel of the category menu such as: fonts, color, background, dropdown, container, position, shadow, corners, borders, mobile menu and much more.
Stacks Image 2314
Stacks Image 2322
Stacks Image 2327
Stacks Image 2582


Create a graphical Ecwid navigation menu using icons or images. It was initially designed to replace the footer menu, but now, it can also be use as a graphical categories menu.

The Icon Menu Stack is modular, responsive and customizable. You can add not only standard Ecwid navigation items such as, categories, sign-in, shopping bag, search, but also any custom links.

The images format can be JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF or SVG. Or you can use Fontawesome icons or set it to a drop zone, into which, you may also use other stacks to create stunning menus.
Stacks Image 2464


Use the Order Fields Stack to add custom fields to the checkout process. With these custom fields additional information can be requested from the customer during the checkout process and the user responses will display in the order details.
This is helpful when a merchant needs to know some additional information like delivery date, delivery comments, company details and other. The responses will be shown in order details in Ecwid Control Panel.

The Order Extra Fields can be added to the following sections of the checkout process:
  • Shipping Address
  • Pickup Details
  • Shipping Methods
  • Pickup Methods
  • Payment Details
The responses chosen by the user can then be displayed in one of the following order sections:
  • Shipping information
  • Billing information
  • Customer information
  • Order information


Stacks Image 2499
Stacks Image 2495


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Stacks Image 12
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